Black Adam

Yes, I used a rock as the background

5 out of 10 stars

Simply awful.

I gave it 5 stars only out of love for Dwayne Johnson. But, Dwayne, come on man!? I am a DC fan. I really am. However, DC can't hold a candle to the MCU. Why? Because the story lines are garbage. The dialogue is atrocious. I always try to go into a DC film with good faith and a tad of optimism but like my Seahawks, they get your hopes up and then they kick you in the junk. I am sorry, but I couldn't get through the film. So, I won't even bore you with a synopsis, that's how little I care about the whole movie.

If you are home sick with the flu and you are delirious because of a high temperature and the one too many doses of NyQuil coursing through your emaciated body, then watch this film. You have nothing to lose.