Glass Onion

7 out of 10

Not a bad Netflix and Chill kind of Film (or Netflix and Kill)

Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, our genius detective hero, from Knives Out, is back, this time on an island off Greece. He's been invited by Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton, an eccentric gazzilionaire (not a word, I know) along with Bron's closest and well funded "friends." Are they really his friends, though? Mr. Bron has constructed a fun mystery murder game for the weekend to entertain them all.

If it was a fake fun mystery murder game it wouldn't have been much of a movie. Spoiler alert, someone does die and now our hero, Mr. Blanc has to find out who did it.

A briliant film? Not really. It's fun and I like that it had some unexpected turns in it.

It was an entertaining film and if you liked Knives Out, chances are you will like this one too. If you like Clue, Murder on the Orient Express, etc. then park your butt on the couch and break out the popcorn and Mike & Ikes.

Do you like to indulge on bon bons, empty caloric intake, meaningless, but it just feels right at the moment? You might go afterwards and say, "Oh why, why did I eat that, I feel bloated." This film is like that.