The Menu

7 out of 10 stars

Only watch to clean your artistic palate


I can really understand why so many people didn't care for this film. It is a bit bizarre, but I really enjoyed the satire behind it.

Our hero, Margot (played by the lovely Anya Taylor-Joy) is an escort that is taken to an elite restaurant, the Hawthorn, located on a secluded island by foodie nerd, Tyler (played by Nicholas Hoult). She was a last minute add to the guest list, so she was unexpected for this venue. The people, apart from Margot, who eat at the restaurant are totally shallow, pretentious, and rich. They are the people you would expect to eat at a world class exclusive restaurant. It's hard to root for these type of people. These people have no substance, they are one dimensional assholes. We have all met those people or we have at least seen them in the media. You, as a normal person, are just chewed up gum stuck on the bottom of their Gucci shoes. Anyhow, the chef (Ralph Fiennes) dishes up some different (I mean strange) courses. Is there something sinister at play here?

The food that is presented in the movie has its never ending courses. Is it just art that people consume without really appreciating it? Thrown to the masses. What has art become? Do consumers, especially those who believe they are cultured, really see the art or is it just cool to say that you appreciate it.

If you are not a deep thinker then avoid this film at all cost. Yes it is a thriller/horror and bad things happens (shit turns bizarre real quick). If you don't understand what the film is trying to tell you, then yes, avoid this like the plague. Go watch Halloween or something.